How Majestic is Your Name…

For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through the endurance taught in the Scriptures and the encouragement they provide we might have hope. Romans

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Psalm 8

O LORD, our Lord,

​​How excellent is Your name in all the earth,

​​Who have set Your glory above the heavens!

 ​​Out of the mouth of babes and nursing infants

​​You have ordained strength,

​​Because of Your enemies,

​​That You may silence the enemy and the avenger.

​​When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers,

​​The moon and the stars, which You have ordained,

What is man that You are mindful of him,

​​And the son of man that You visit him?

​​For You have made him a little lower than the angels,

​​And You have crowned him with glory and honor.

You have made him to have dominion over the works of Your hands;

​​You have put all things under his feet,

​​All sheep and oxen—

​​Even the beasts of the field,

The birds of the air,

​​And the fish of the sea

​​That pass through the paths of the seas.

 ​​O LORD, our Lord,

​​How excellent is Your name in all the earth!

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Who is God and who is man?  God is the creator of all and man has been placed above all on earth but beneath heavenly beings.  Hmmm… In that place, the question remains; why is he mindful of us?  Isn’t love a great thing?

How majestic is your Name...

How majestic is your Name…

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Pride goes before a fall…the greatest cedar of them all

Ezekiel 31:1-9

Now it came to pass in the eleventh year, in the third month, on the first day of the month, that the word of the LORD came to me, saying, 2 “Son of man, say to Pharaoh king of Egypt and to his multitude:

​‘​Whom are you like in your greatness?

3 ​​Indeed Assyria was a cedar in Lebanon,

​​With fine branches that shaded the forest,

​​And of high stature;

​​And its top was among the thick boughs.

4 ​​The waters made it grow;

​​Underground waters gave it height,

​​With their rivers running around the place where it was planted,

​​And sent out rivulets to all the trees of the field.

5 ​‘​Therefore its height was exalted above all the trees of the field;

​​Its boughs were multiplied,

​​And its branches became long because of the abundance of water,

​​As it sent them out.

6 ​​All the birds of the heavens made their nests in its boughs;

​​Under its branches all the beasts of the field brought forth their young;

​​And in its shadow all great nations made their home.

7 ​‘​Thus it was beautiful in greatness and in the length of its branches,

​​Because its roots reached to abundant waters.

8 ​​The cedars in the garden of God could not hide it;

​​The fir trees were not like its boughs,

​​And the chestnut [fn1] trees were not like its branches;

​​No tree in the garden of God was like it in beauty.

9 ​​I made it beautiful with a multitude of branches,

​​So that all the trees of Eden envied it,

​​That were in the garden of God.’

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A message to Egypt of another nation, one great as they,  likened to a great cedar and  given in a poem.  This poetry describes the nation of Assyria as a great cedar, created by God.

“..I made it beautiful with a multitude of branches,…”

He tells of its beauty, the safety of its branches, the comfort of its boughs.  But this great cedar, although it was taller than all the rest was brought down.

“…Therefore its height was exalted above all the trees of the field;

​​Its boughs were multiplied,…”

Pride goes before a fall and the greater they are the greater the fall.  For their pride judgment came through Nebuchadnezzar.  They ceased to be a great nation, the cedar was brought down.  Our take away from this – never forget who created us, gave us life, gave us abilities, placed us where we are.  To some he gives much and to some little but whatever we receive be careful to always give God the glory and the credit.  Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Where does the Holy One reside?

Acts 7:48-53

“However, the Most High does not dwell in temples made with hands, as the prophet says:

‘Heaven is My throne,

And earth is My footstool.

What house will you build for Me? says the LORD,

Or what is the place of My rest?

Has My hand not made all these things?’

“You stiff-necked and uncircumcised in heart and ears! You always resist the Holy Spirit; as your fathers did, so do you. Which of the prophets did your fathers not persecute? And they killed those who foretold the coming of the Just One, of whom you now have become the betrayers and murderers, who have received the law by the direction of angels and have not kept it.”

 “…the Most High does not dwell in temples made with hands, …” Stephen quotes from the Old Testament.  Elsewhere it says he “inhabits the praise of His people”  and Jesus said we would “worship in spirit and in truth.”  We are to always give the glory where it is due; to the Creator.  Stephen goes on with strong words, pointing out how every effort to reach out to His creation is rebuffed.  It is heard and seen everywhere today!  Nothing changed, mankind would rather glory in the creation of their hands and minds over the creation of God.  We are His children, made in His image and so we create as he does and did.  That does not give cause to worship our own creations and neglect giving glory to the one who gave us that ability.  He does not live in our houses made for Him by our hands. He does visit for He lives in our praises.  When we assemble to praise Him, He is there.  Let’s keep a right perspective, let’s give Him all the glory He is due and then we will find He is with us, “inhabiting our praises” as we worship “in spirit and in truth.”

History repeats and we don’t listen…remember…

Acts 7:39-47

…whom our fathers would not obey, but rejected. And in their hearts they turned back to Egypt, saying to Aaron, ‘Make us gods to go before us; as for this Moses who brought us out of the land of Egypt, we do not know what has become of him.’ And they made a calf in those days, offered sacrifices to the idol, and rejoiced in the works of their own hands. Then God turned and gave them up to worship the host of heaven, as it is written in the book of the Prophets:

‘Did you offer Me slaughtered animals and sacrifices during forty years in the wilderness,

O house of Israel?

You also took up the tabernacle of Moloch,

And the star of your god Remphan,

Images which you made to worship;

And I will carry you away beyond Babylon.’


“Our fathers had the tabernacle of witness in the wilderness, as He appointed, instructing Moses to make it according to the pattern that he had seen,  which our fathers, having received it in turn, also brought with Joshua into the land possessed by the Gentiles, whom God drove out before the face of our fathers until the days of David, who found favor before God and asked to find a dwelling for the God of Jacob. But Solomon built Him a house.

 Rejecting God for lack of memory?  Hardness of hearts?  Selfish focus?  Honoring the creation rather than the creator?”…rejoiced in the works of their own hands. …”  Do we see this yet today?  They had witnesses, they had signs and wonders, they had God’s presence and still turned away to follow the creations of their hands.  And our world is full of those who give honor and glory to the creation of our hands, rather than to the God who gave to us the ability to create, the mind to think and reason.

 God reaches out, demonstrates His power and still mankind forgets and looks inward to himself.  Impatient, they honor what their own hands have created.  This is still true today.  We look at what we have accomplished, give no credit to God and praise our own achievements, not giving glory to God.  Each time mankind goes this direction, God sends punishment.  Our take-away then is to take joy in the Lord always.  What we do, we do only as He gives grace.  He is our supply and source.  Any skills we possess are his creation.  When He is honored, His blessings follow just as surely as when he is not, punishment follows.

 Men and women continue to reject God forgetting who He is and what He does.  In the remembering, we keep Him always before us and so are blessed.  There is a place that is comforting even in the middle of crisis of the soul, that place that acknowledges our God, creator of the Universe and us.  It is a place where His peace reigns and carries us above the turmoil of the crisis.  Let’s continue to seek that place, remembering His good works and rise above the temporary events of this life.