He lives in your heart

And deflects the dart

The enemy’s arrow

Meant to bring sorrow


So His Word we eat

With it we defeat

The enemy’s arrow

Meant to bring sorrow


Pray through the day

Hear what he say

He gives the light

Fills with delight


Listen and glisten

With strength to fight

The enemy’s arrow

Meant to bring sorrow


His strength is the might

To win the fight

And bring on the light.

Splitting the night.


Light to see

Darkness flee

Shatter the enemy’s arrow

Meant to bring sorrow




painting by gracie


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Seeking to know God;

not just of Him.

Seeking to realize His constant presence;

not just the evidence that He has been there.

Seeking to understand how who He is and what He does impacts us;

not just awareness of circumstances past, present, future.

Seeking confirmation of His involvement in our affairs, our selves;

not just words spoken by others whether in prayer, song or message.

Seeking intimate relationship not unlike that shared by husband and wife, parent and child;

not just lip service, effort and works.

Seeking the genuine love of God manifested in our beings and consciousness;

not just empty desire met by the stuff of creation.

Seeking to know God.


Silence begets violence

Silence begets violence

Saturday, July 21, 2012

5:56 PM

Listening, a lost art in a world of action, scurrying like ants in their colony to and fro, not stopping to hear one another.  STOP!!! Cried the little ant we are going much to slow, we’ll never get there this way…  and they never did.  There is so much health to be had when listened to and listening to another.  It validates existence, purpose, value, worth.  If we love, if we care, if we have spirit can we stop to listen, without interruption, with interest and fascination.  The one speaking can be free to share, to think, the one listening learns and grows with the knowledge.  Focus shifts, reality steps up and says hello.  Can you hear the silence of listening, one voice speaking.  Turn about fair play enhances the ability of two to listen and be heard.  Violence grows out of an environment where no one listens, no one hears, no one cares.  We become islands adrift in a sea of bodies.  We don’t see each other, we don’t hear each other, we don’t know each other.  We are self-absorbed to the point others do not exist and then the violence erupts to bring reality to our existence.  After the violence the silent cry is heard;  can you hear me now?

original poetry by gracie hill

Echoes from the past….

The girls come bouncing up the stairs,

       Smiles light their faces

       Laughter fills their voices

       They greet us.

       I speak with easy pleasure

Responding to the joyous spirits

    Her head stays down

    eyes averted

They reach out to touch

    she moves back, away

They speak softly


She does not respond

     turns away

     finds something to do

I notice the change

          it hurts

They leave


One remains to hug me

     Then with a wistful look

       also leaves

She asks who they were

     then says “oh…”

These children

         the hurting ones

     look at you

         their eyes are

      deep wells of sorrow

They struggle

        to look like the rest

     they laugh

        too loud

     they talk

         so softly

     afraid they will be


They fill my classroom

      each straining

          isolated by their

           personal anguish

      to maintain normalcy

So no one will know….

Don’t tell….

Gracie Grimes Hill