Lamentations (1)

I have begun reading Lamentations.  This book is not one I have memory of spending much time in.  It speaks to me now.  Perhaps because there are parallels to the present age. 

Lamentations 1

1- How lonely lies the city that once thronged with people!  Once great among the nations, now she is like a widow!  Once princess among provinces she has become a vassal.

2-Bitterly she weeps at night, tears running down her cheeks, not one of all her lovers is there to comfort her.  Her friends have all betrayed her; they have become her enemies.

My first reaction was to place the US as the city.  My most recent is to put the church at large in her place.

This begins a tale of loss; loss due to ‘wrong’ living and bad choices.  This due to the consequences that follow those whose trust is in themselves and the ungodly.  God’s presence is not appreciated nor followed.  Arrogance and self-pride has risen and its fruit is the loss of all. 

Lamentations (2)

Continuing in Lamentations:  I see my country, people in the same state of affairs…

3-Y’hudah has fled into exile from oppression and endless slavery.  She lives among the nations, but there she finds no rest.  Her pursuers have all overtaken her in the midst of her distress.

4- The roads to Tziyon are mourning because on one comes to the festivals.  Her gateways are all deserted, her cohanim are groaning, her unmarried girls are grieving — how bitter it is for her!

Note:  Chapter begins with Hebrew eiche – this word is used when God looks for Adam, also when Jesus cries over Jerusalem…

When we grieve, we use this word, ‘how’ I miss you, ‘how’ did this happen, ‘how’ much…

I continue to see parallels between then and now.  Covid has shut down cities and festivals; ex-patriots live outside the country fleeing the conditions that exist here.

Our people are in bondage to the laws and ways of sin, all that is anti-God.  The result is loss of homes – homeless, loss of jobs – much by choice; loss of health – trusting in human cultures and data rather than God…

Our religious leaders are faced with confusion…the influx of doctrines and lifestyles that go counter to scripture…

Our children are confused to the extent they do not know who or what they are…

Hear our prayers, O God!  Have mercy and Holy Spirit move upon the hearts and minds of your people even as you move upon the waters of renewal.

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