In all things give thanks…

Sadness floods my being at the loss of a church family. Perceived friendships have cooled, with a few exceptions no real intimate relationships have developed in the year and a half attending and serving there because church and the relationships developed there are confined to a building. This statement is based upon the facts that quite a few live but blocks from us, some just a mile away. Our door has always been open, we have led Bible studies both in the church and in the home. And now it seems we are viewed with suspicion; implications made that we may not be of God. Hurts that come from brothers and sisters go the deepest. Jesus suffered as much and more. From his own people and left to suffer alone by those closest to Him. Out of this event in the journey with God comes the sure knowledge that there is One who remains. He calls me friend. He is the lover of my soul. Thank you Lord.


The take away from this event is to maintain our focus on the Lord and Him alone. If others join our walk with Him we can rejoice. Be sure to keep the eyes of the soul and spirit upon Him alone. Then when the parting of ways comes although it is bittersweet there is peace in the shelter of His wings. It is wise to know that the enemy of our soul delights in causing division, pain, doubts, anyway he can. Scripture states that we are to “…Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour….” [1 Peter 5:8 NIV]   If he can use us to deceive ourselves or use us to come against one another he has been successful only when we allow that event to separate us from the will and love of God. In all things give thanks, God’s Word says. We can be thankful that we are His and counted worthy to suffer in even small ways as Christ suffered.

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2 thoughts on “In all things give thanks…

  1. You and I have many similarities… I have also struggled with finding true friends in my Church Community. Lots of acquaintances, no real friendships. For me, I have learned that I am always the relationship builder/edifyer. I am learning that one of my gifts is empathy, which helps me to love unconditionally, and know individuals’ needs and intentions. (helps me to pray for them)

    As long as we keep our hearts open to the love and mercy of the Lord, and ask for His guidance, all is good:-)

    I also have a post named “In All Things Give Thanks.” A little bit different form yours, but the same basic idea.

    Blessings, Bernadette

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