Reflections following a fellowship meeting…

Human existence may be as a vapor; it is not, however, insignificant.  That an all-powerful all-knowing, ever-present God would give as was given is proof we are of worth to the Creator.  Of worth, while not worthy; believing a lie rather than truth; exalting self over humility; desiring independence opposed to dependence on the provider of life.  Where is truth?  Where is a true perspective?  What loving father would willingly give up his son as a sacrifice to atone for the wrongs of a people who really didn’t care?  Yet God loves His creation that much.

Can any of us create something from nothing?  Yet many thumb their noses at the power who did.  We call that a special kind of stupid?  The child will choose the candy over the nourishing food and suffer disease and death.  The childish humanity chooses an inflated view of self over knowledge of the Creator and suffers disease and death; of the soul, mind and spirit.  A clear picture of foolishness and how can one make this clear to those who do not see?  Pray to the God of creation that eyes be opened, ears unplugged and understanding restored.

What does the Lord require of you?  To act justly and love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.

My physical existence is a flash; but my spiritual existence is forever.

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