Children…things we throw away?

Wish to share this.  It is sad that it is still happening, and this is still a cry for change.  Pray for our children.
Written by Melody Green, the article that opened her eyes fully to the truth about abortion. Distributed in the millions worldwide, printed in many languages and been responsible for saving the lives of countless babies!

By Melody Green

“Shall I give my firstborn for my transgression, the

fruit of my body for the sin of my soul?”  Micah 6:7

Abortion has become the most common surgical procedure in America.* Over 99% of
all U.S. abortions have nothing to do with the life or health of the woman—they
are done simply because of her desire for convenience, absence of distress, and
her so-called happiness.  There’s more:

Last Days Ministries : AAA Pro Life.

3 thoughts on “Children…things we throw away?

  1. Gracie, thank you for posting the link to Last Days Ministries. The parts about different methods of abortion were hard to read, but necessary as were the interviews of medical personnel involved in abortions. I’m saddened by what I just read and that’s a good thing because it is motivation to keep fighting for the pro-life cause, especially among my medical and nursing colleagues. God bless you, Gracie. I pray for your country today.

  2. Thank you for your prayers. The continued abuse of children is painful to our hearts, no? It has grown so big and pervasive it seems impossible to stem the flow of the evil. But…I know that with God all things are possible and that is the truth to which I cling. The Lord bless you this day.

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