Rejoicing at another’s loss?….never

Ezekiel 25:1-6

The word of the LORD came to me, saying, 2 “Son of man, set your face against the Ammonites, and prophesy against them. 3 Say to the Ammonites, ‘Hear the word of the Lord GOD! Thus says the Lord GOD: “Because you said, ‘Aha!’ against My sanctuary when it was profaned, and against the land of Israel when it was desolate, and against the house of Judah when they went into captivity, 4 indeed, therefore, I will deliver you as a possession to the men of the East, and they shall set their encampments among you and make their dwellings among you; they shall eat your fruit, and they shall drink your milk. 5 And I will make Rabbah a stable for camels and Ammon a resting place for flocks. Then you shall know that I am the LORD.”

6 ‘For thus says the Lord GOD: “Because you clapped your hands, stamped your feet, and rejoiced in heart with all your disdain for the land of Israel, 7 indeed, therefore, I will stretch out My hand against you, and give you as plunder to the nations; I will cut you off from the peoples, and I will cause you to perish from the countries; I will destroy you, and you shall know that I am the LORD.”

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Take away: It is not possible to come against God’s people anywhere without a paying a penalty.  Take this to the very basic level and we find one who is rejoicing over another’s shame and destruction.  Love the Lord and you neighbor leaves no room for joy over another’s fall.  Though we suffer extreme pain at the hands of another,  the love of God needs to shine through.  Jerusalem crucified Jesus, he knew they would, yet he cried over them.  God does not will that any should perish.  Our own actions bring on us the consequences for those actions.  Therefore, may our actions and words always give evidence to the love God has placed in our hearts.  May we learn not to take offense, but rather to look on the other with sorrow for the extreme lack in their life of a love they could have chosen.


One thought on “Rejoicing at another’s loss?….never

  1. “Lack in their life of the love they could have chosen.” It always comes down to our choice, doesn’t it? The words you wrote regarding “paying a penalty if coming against God’s people” are very strong words indeed. Yet, they are very true words. That is sad, for when God rises to “defend” His children, God truly “rises.” Then the question of “why God” comes into play. I always go back to David when he sinned against God and did not even realize it, and Nathan said, “You are that man.” How many times we sin against God towards others and as David, we do not even know we have done so? I pray a “Nathan” is always available to all that do. Good post and God Bless, SR

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