Let nothing be wasted…

John 6:1-14

 After these things Jesus went over the Sea of Galilee, which is the Sea of Tiberias.  Then a great multitude followed Him, because they saw His signs which He performed on those who were diseased.  And Jesus went up on the mountain, and there He sat with His disciples.
 Now the Passover, a feast of the Jews, was near. Then Jesus lifted up His eyes, and seeing a great multitude coming toward Him, He said to Philip, “Where shall we buy bread, that these may eat?” But this He said to test him, for He Himself knew what He would do.
 Philip answered Him, “Two hundred denarii worth of bread is not sufficient for them, that every one of them may have a little.”
 One of His disciples, Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother, said to Him,  “There is a lad here who has five barley loaves and two small fish, but what are they among so many?”
 Then Jesus said, “Make the people sit down.” Now there was much grass in the place. So the men sat down, in number about five thousand.  And Jesus took the loaves, and when He had given thanks He distributed them to the disciples, and the disciples  to those sitting down; and likewise of the fish, as much as they wanted.  So when they were filled, He said to His disciples, “Gather up the fragments that remain, so that nothing is lost.”  Therefore they gathered them up, and filled twelve baskets with the fragments of the five barley loaves which were left over by those who had eaten.  Then those men, when they had seen the sign that Jesus did, said, “This is truly the Prophet who is to come into the world.” Therefore when Jesus perceived that they were about to come and take Him by force to make Him king, He departed again to the mountain by Himself alone.

“Gather the pieces that are left over.  Let nothing be wasted.”  Make use of all he gives us, let nothing be wasted…  Here we see a miracle that spoke to a people with a history of being fed by God miraculously.  Their ancestors were fed manna in the wilderness.  They had experience with God meeting the immediate needs of his people.  They did not understand that Jesus had come to meet the spiritual needs of all generations.  As in the time of Saul, they wanted to make him king, reverting to man’s methods of solving a problem of oppression, force.  Christ brings to us more than physical food, he brings spiritual food but his advice can be applied to the spiritual as well as the physical.  Let nothing be wasted…make use of all he gives us.  Use the time given, use the scriptures given, use the faith given…let nothing be wasted.  Use all this for what?  To spread the message of the kingdom of God, to open the opportunity for a relationship with the Creator to all who cross our paths, to live as he intended us to live giving evidence that we have an ongoing relationship with him.

Let nothing be wasted.  Let each word, each action speak for him.

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