Failing to grasp what is given…

Luke 18:31-34

 Taking the twelve disciples aside, Jesus said, “Listen, we’re going up to Jerusalem, where all the predictions of the prophets concerning the Son of Man will come true. He will be handed over to the Romans  and he will be mocked, treated shamefully, and spit upon. They will flog him with a whip and kill him, but on the third day he will rise again.”

 But they didn’t understand any of this. The significance of his words was hidden from them, and they failed to grasp what he was talking about.

 We often find ourselves in the same place.  Not understanding until later, even though it is plainly spoken.  We have the Spirit who gives understanding, we have the written Word.  It is said of those who receive much, much will be required.  What are we doing with what we have been given?  Jesus knew what he was facing and chose to follow through.  How grateful we should be!  He asked only for their support.  Later it was the support  of prayer that was asked for.  When any of us is suffering do we support that one with prayer?  Many times it is the only support we are able to give.  Do we sleep?  Do we pray?  The disciples, it says, did not understand.  Do we?


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