Thoughts driven by Dusty’s passing…

Life is short with much to be done.  A gift, this life, given to us by God who loves His creation but does not compromise his standards.  The passing of Dusty so suddenly and without reason, seemingly, makes one look again more closely at what we’ve been given.  Don’t know why there must be a reason.  He is taken  young, and a wife and child are left, dependent now on God to provide.  A love that  was tangible, has become intangible and the change hurts.  Loss happens all around us all the time, but when it is the one who goes to bed with you, gets up with you, laughs and plays with you it hurts.  The sense of being alone can overwhelm.  At that point you realize how big  God is or isn’t in your life. 


The bird song is stronger this am.  They sing an anthem.  The sky dawns clear and bright.  Rain came in the night but the sun is here this morning.  The skies cried but we have the healing warmth of the Son in our lives to dry up the tears.  Joy comes in the morning.  The ache will diminish, memories not.  Life will take on a new shape not replace the old.  Life as it was is not changed, it is past.  Life as it is and as it is becoming is different, only that…

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