This is just a test…disappointed ministry attempt?…

We received the call.  We responded.  We were told of the need. We responded.  We discovered a desire for meeting to study God’s Word.  We set a time.

 We searched, each of us looking for the items needed, like being on a scavenger hunt.  One found the crib, another the stroller, one asked if we should find a changing table, did we need it, what about another crib? We needed only one.  It was exciting, finding, acquiring, scrubbing, making ready.  All the while we thought of and prayed for the one who needed these things.  One who is facing a task and responsibility of new life with anxiety, unprepared and under attack from those who want to take the child even before it is birthed, pointing to the unpreparedness of the young girl.  

It did cross my mind, were we acting too fast without finding out if she was capable of raising a child?  What if our gifts were just discarded within a few months as she lost the baby to the law of the land?  But there were neighbors and friends circling around the new mother-to-be and giving her support and guidance.  Couldn’t God be placing a hand on her life and the life of her unborn child through the ‘village’ in which she lived and through us whose lives had now been touched by her need?  I sent the doubts flying in prayer that focused on God’s will and provision.  Trusting in Him to know and guide us. 

(Was this just a test for us, to see how we would respond?) 

We set a time to meet with those interested in a time of study of God’s Word.  The date was set, the time was set, the proper authority was asked for permission and it was granted.  The word was sent out among our group and all responded with approval and eager willingness to become a part of an outreach into a community of darkness.  We would tell the message of light to those in darkness.  We would show the light through our love first for each other, second for this one of theirs in need and finally to any and all who showed up to hear. 

The night arrives for the meeting to study; we arrive.  There is no one there to meet us, no one to open the door.  The young girl has just left for the hospital and is delivering the new infant.  The neighbors who drew us into their world are with her and no one is here to receive our gifts or let us in.  We wait.  My former self would have shrugged her shoulders and said well we have the stuff for another who will appreciate it, and at least we tried.  My present self, surrounded by the body of Christ waited with them.  Continued in prayer, expectant, looking to see how God would work all this out.  I note the change in me, a difference, leaning on the Lord and not my own understanding, drawing strength from the believers around me, thank you Lord! 

(Was this just a test for us, to see how we would respond?) 

We waited.  One of the neighbors came to us with questions.  Why were we standing there outside the door waiting?  What were we waiting for?  And our answers brought answers.  We were sent from one to another looking for the person with the key.  It was found and now four more families knew why we were there.  We entered the room, just us; no one from the community we came to share with was present.  We waited again and one said let’s pray.  We agreed, with a sense of purpose and relief for wasn’t this why we were there, after all?  Let’s take the situation to the One who started all this.  We opened the door, an implied invitation to come and see; and we sat down and began to pray as God’s Spirit filled the room.  Two young boys came by, asked to come in and became part of our discussion, a general question and answer session, getting to know one another.  They left; now the children who were playing with them knew why we were there.  The news is spreading…

We began to talk about the experience, this was something new to all of us.  And the questions began to come forth. 

Answers came and Bibles were retrieved from our vehicles and we had a study, just us, but in His name, for His purpose and the light, the spark began to shine.  We explored the question of what is worship?, what is church?, when should we meet?, isn’t all that is required of us is to simply turn ourselves over to the Lord for his use and purpose?…. 

(Did we pass our test?) 

The gifts were found and brought and taken back with us.  They will be delivered another day.  Our meeting was held and will continue the next week.  Meanwhile we will continue in prayer and take the steps we need to in order to get the word out.  Thank you Lord for another chance to grow in knowledge of you, being led by your Spirit, being equipped to do your work.

5 thoughts on “This is just a test…disappointed ministry attempt?…

  1. Gracie, This is beautifully written–and in a style you have not demonstrated to this point. Helped me to realize even more why I love you. Also helped me to see more deeply into the plan of God for this venture.
    Thank you.

  2. Gracie, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Makes me wish I could be there with you in your ministry but then I thought that there are people right in our little town that have needs also. I read just the other day, “If a man shuts his ears to the cry of the poor, he too with cry out and not be answered.” Prov. 21:13. You were not just ministering to have your prayers answered but were ministering in the name of Jesus, for Jesus and for His kingdom to be advanced and because the love of Jesus is within you. It is a beautiful example of the life of the Spirit being lived out in you. I’m so glad you wrote.

  3. Thank you Dale and Sue. Your words are encouraging. This life of living for the Lord and not myself is a wonderful experience. I would wish it on everyone!!

  4. Hello, Gracie! I’m actually visiting my Reader and friend on blogland and wanted to visit. 🙂 So the ministry was not of the type you expected, but it happened anyway. 🙂 That is so neat. Good job staying in the game and being available. Great flexibility!

  5. Annie, welcome back!! Missed you. Yes, we stayed with it, the second meeting we had one adult and another child. It was a delightful meeting. We’ll keep everyone updated periodically.

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