John 20-21

Sunday’s message centered on the breath of God and the text was taken from John 20, my next chapter in John.  So I will include thoughts from that and include my thoughts on John 21 for today.

Reading selections:  John 20 and 21


Visiting the tomb on the first day following the crucifixion;  Peter and John came, looked, and left.   Mary went and stayed, saw two angels, spoke to the gardener, Jesus, and followed His instructions.

Then Jesus visited them.  Jesus came, spoke Peace, commissioned them ( As the Father has sent Me, I also send you.)breathed on them, said receive the Holy Spirit, and gave authority to forgive sins and retain sins. Jesus greeted them with peace, meaning completeness.  They were fearful, hiding behind locked doors.  They were grieving His death.   With His presence, they no longer had to fear death or the soldiers, or grieve His death.  He was proof of victory over death.  His resurrection also put in place the possibility of salvation, the return to a full relationship with God.

 His commission to go, as He went, is further indication of that renewal of a relationship with God and now they need to share that ability and knowledge of it with others.


His breath giving them the Holy Spirit can be compared with God breathing life into Adam.  Adam received life then gave it away.  That consequence affected all mankind.  Jesus’ journey to the cross, grave and resurrection reversed that consequence in its spiritual sense.  Jesus breath gave the Holy Spirit and gave spiritual life.  Mankind can be reborn or born again.


That authority to forgive and retain sins comes with Jesus’ sacrifice.  He made it possible for us to receive forgiveness of sins or retain our sins, depends on what we do with Jesus, accept what he has done or reject what he has done.

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